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kevin_picKevin Warwick began working in the field of Criminal Justice in 1981 and has over 33 years of experience working for a 2,000-bed county corrections facility. As Assistant superintendent of Community Corrections, Mr. Warwick managed 15 community-based programs, including three partnership programs with probation, parole, and numerous community-based providers. In 1986, he designed and directed the first day reporting center in the country with the Hampden County Sheriff’s Department in Massachusetts. Mr. Warwick developed all of the reentry and community corrections programs in Hampden County. Mr. Warwick has worked with jurisdictions all around the country in 48 states developing reentry programs, jail overcrowding programs, and management solutions.

Kevin is working with the Urban Institute and the National Institute of Corrections on the Transition from Jail to Community Project to develop best practice models relating to jail reentry and community corrections with selected jurisdictions from around the country. Kevin is co-author of the Transition from Jail to Community (TJC) Initiative’s online learning resource: an online training tool for communities to design and develop local reentry systems. There are several other articles that are included in the publication page of the web site.

He also serves as a site liaison and technical resource provider to the fourteen pilot sites in phase 1 and 2 since 2007. He is presently a consultant working for many counties around the country on reentry planning and program implementation. He has provided on -site technical assistance and training to over 300 jurisdictions in 48 states. He has published numerous articles on community corrections, jail treatment, and reentry programs. Mr. Warwick has a master’s degree in social work from University of Connecticut and is an adjunct professor at Western New England College, the University of Massachusetts and Community College of Vermont. He received the Jim Justice Professional Excellence Award in May 1994, presented by the Corrections Association of Massachusetts. Mr. Warwick is the president of Alternative Solutions Associates, Inc., providing various consulting services including training, development, evaluation of local criminal justice systems, and program design and development.